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Superunknown Script
A very cool mIRC script......I use it my own...It includes everything "Nice interface and short cut keys and commands".Also protection and attacking tools are included. By: ^Superunknown^
me70 Script
A cool script of me70 Basha
The original mIRC
By: Khaled Mardam Bey.It's the basic mIRC script for anybody that wants to start using IRC.
Autoinviter III
The coolest inviter for DALNET.By: DrTuN
Autoinviter III Gold
The newest version of AI3.It works with two connections.One lists and the other messages.You'll never get K-Lined using it.But it must be configured well. By: DrTuN
Peace and Protection Script
Just the name descibes itself.
xGuest Inviter Bot
The best bot for advertising Channels and websites on the IRC.
xGuest Registration Crack
That's a present from me.A crack for xGuest that removes its silly lines added to your advertising.Also disables the banners.
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